seeing a personal server as a spaceship makes it so much more fun.

»The first ice-free Arctic day is estimated to happen around 02030–02050.« I will let that sink in for a minute while staring into the distance. source:

It's so surreal to play plague, inc as an NPC. Or rather watch it being played out.

Im Sonnenstudio, welches ich vornehmlich (ausschließlich) zur Abholung meiner Pakete nutze, befindet sich mittlerweile ein Handyreparaturladen und das alte Pfeifen- und Tabakgeschäft aus der Münchenerstrasse. Ich kriege harte Neo-Tokyo-Vibes von meiner Wahlheimat.

using preprocessors in web dev is fine until you have to support a project two years later and everything changed and it all comes crumbling down despite all the duct-tape. i am super happy about using just plain html and css for my newest projects and since css is so far along its a real joy!

This is the most detailed movie ever recorded the Sun's 5500°C surface. Those shapes you can see here, called granules, are convection cells of solar plasma. Hot plasma wells up from below, cools, and sinks. The Sun's entire surface is constantly turbulently roiling like this.

Solar granules have an average diameter of around 1000 km, so most of these are larger than France!

Credit: National Solar Observatory/AURA/NSF

"You go inside the box," said the cat, "and because of quantum superposition, until you leave it, doctor Schrödinger is both alive and dead."
The cat stared into space for an indefinite time.
"But only once."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

capitalists reinventing public services poorly is one of my favorite tropes

@dansup same thing happened here. I’d say you won’t regret it :)

Setting up a new laptop after so many years is great! Also, i dont hate the move to usb-c.

I feel like electron does to apps what bootstrap did to websites.

Die Richtung die Apple in letzter Zeit einschlägt macht mich traurig. Ich glaube mir wird die Transformation der Produktpalette für die nächsten 10 Jahre nicht gefallen, deshalb starte ich jetzt mit meinem ganz persönlichen 🐧

YouTube is getting worse then television. Is there already an iOS app for peertube?

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